Thursday, April 23, 2009

Denver and the Tooth

We had the opportunity to go to Denver last week and spend time with family at Cousin Camp. It was such a cute idea and everyone involved was so creative and on the ball. We had a theme for everyday and the food and activities corresponded with the theme (way to much work for me :) but all the kids loved it. The parents may have loved it more, we all waited for the clock to hit 8 and then they were all off to bed and we got to play. And we were so excited to have Tara and Lacey there. Nothing better than making memories!
We went to the aquarium on Pirate Day and had a treasure hunt, Beach Day we had a Pinata and went to an indoor pool and I cant tell you the last time I laughed so hard at all of us trying to go across the rope/log bridge. Oh did I mention that on Beach Day we woke up to a foot of snow and then got another foot the next day! On Saturday Janae and I got to have our own day I like to call just pooped in my pants day. We went to the dentist! On our way to the dentist we got stuck in a snow drift and had to get 2 guys with big trucks to get us out. I have to admit I wasn't a huge help but it was so cold! After an hour of digging and pulling we were off to the dentist (aka. hell) I went in thinking I only needed a couple things done but of course not my luck. I ended up have oral surgery on a crown that my old crappy dentist jacked up. So he did an implant which in a nut shell is taking out my old tooth which took 40 minutes, drilling a titanium screw into my jaw and building up my jaw with some dead persons bone. I cant tell you how many jokes have gone around about whose it is! Then over the top he put some fake skin stuff and stitches around my gums. That's not even the best part...I took these drugs that sent me over the edge. I have never, nor do I ever want to feel like that again! It was horrible. I was shaking, hyperventilating, and could not stop crying. I was so sad and from what I hear kinda funny. I don't really remember what I said but it was definitely not like me. I was a mess but i would like to thank everyone who took care of me, especially Janae and Jacqui. They held me down and were awesome to have there. And also to Dave (my new favorite cousin in law named Dave) :) Thank you so much for all you did, we appreciate it! So the rest of that day and half of Sunday was a blurr but then we got back to it and went bowling, took the kids to an arcade, and did a lot of gaming and laughing. (I hate Settlers) We were sad to leave but are excited for July!!! Thanks again for a great week, minus Saturday, love everyone!

And as soon as I get more pics from everyone I will add more :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

What a week...

This picture doesn't even do it justice!

Buddy didn't leave his side when we got back from the hospital, it was cute!

I cant even begin to describe how glad I am that this week is over! It started on Monday when we found out that we owe $2000 dollars to our wonderful government. So we thought that sucks but we can swing it and then Tuesday night we got that infamous virus that everyone was freaking out about (of course we didn't think we would get it) but we did and it killed our computer. So on Wednesday we went and spent $1200 on a new one. We kinda thought ok how could this week get worse and then it did...Friday night Todd had a church basketball game. We are in tournament time and luckily we were up by 30 points in the 4th. Which makes it worse that Todd was even in the game. But a guy went for the ball and clawed his eye. It wouldn't stop bleeding so we decided to rinse him off and head to the ER. We got there and after about 15 minutes of looking at him they said he needs to be taken into surgery. They called the eye surgeon in and he said that his tear duct and eyelid were torn and if they didn't do the surgery then he would have problems with his eye and vision for the rest of his life. (I learned something very important...I suck at hospitals! I got physically sick watching them put the IV in, I got physically sick when they hooked up his machines in pre-surgery and I got physically sick and almost passed out at the end when they took everything out!) Anyway after about an hour in surgery he came out high as a kite and I have to say that he said some of the cutest things ever while he was under. Luckily I could take him home that night and we got home at about 4am. Now being that we have no insurance this one will knock the first two out of the water :) They ended up putting a shunt in his nose to attach and help it heal and stitches across his eye. We go in next week to get the stitches out and have the doctor check vision and everything and in 6 weeks we get the tube out. So that was our week. But we have great family, good friends, and love each other, what more could you ask for!

And HAPPY EASTER TO ALL! We had a wonderful time on Sunday at Aunt Margo's. Had a huge Easter egg hunt, played basketball in the gym, and got to do some bowling. Their house is like a small Disney park :) Thanks to all it was fun!