Monday, May 23, 2011

It has been a fun couple weeks. Brianne and I took Layla and Devi to the blowup, bouncy castle, slide place. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved it. They played together for hours and the one time I didnt have my camera ready Devi leaned over and gave Layla a kiss. He tried to do it again for me to get a picture and Layla took off running...hopefully she will stay like that til she is 30 :) Todd and I also celebrated our 5th Anniversary and he got me those flowers. We are going to a golf resort for the weekend so that will be fun too! And of course I had to put some pictures of Miss Thing!!! She is amazing and we love her more each day. She is talking up a storm and we cant ever seem to get her to come inside. We have resorted to turning on the sprinklers since she hates rain on her head...hey it works!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The new "er" yard and fun pics!

 We decided to do a  brownish red color bark mulch in the beds and it ended up looking really nice. Thanks to Dad for the help and Layla :) Oh and that picture with Layla and Dad and Layla is walking off was pretty funny. He was loading the mulch and dropped some down her shirt, she walked off shaking her finger at him and said "no no Granddad". She's something! I think our next two projects for the yard will be the garden and eventually a fence. I would like a big deck but well see! Ill put up the finished picture after Todd mows. Layla and Beckett did their first duo bath which went well, I'm sure there will be more dirty bath water in the future. Everyone is great and life is good...couldn't ask for more!