Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Man

Ok, I normally do not like Valentines Day, but I cant tell you how much easier it is when you are married! We had a wonderful night (Ill spare all the details for my Dads sake) :) but I thought what better place to brag about my husband, where he will probably never see it! I was thinking about it on this special day of roses and chocolate, that I am lucky to have Todd way more than just this one day a year. Looking back over the last oh 7 years I have known him, he still manages to suprise and amaze me. What more could I ask for than a man that lets me style his hair however I want, gives me full body massages, does the dishes, cleans the houses, makes the bed, cleans the cars, goes out every morning before I go to work and starts my car so it is warm for me, helps me when I dont even ask, has a wonderful personality and is always trying to make me laugh, is courteous, kind, has a good heart, is good to my family and mother, always uses his manners, always says thank you for dinner no matter what it was, and most of all treats me with respect. I could go on, which I am sure no one wants me to do! But I did want to take this opportunity to say that I am lucky, grateful, and very much love my husband!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Have you ever laughed so hard that you may have accidently tee teed in your pants. Well last week I think a couple of us lost a few teaspoons in our pants. Candace is trying out for Deal or No Deal and we had to do a video to send in so we thought it would be funny to dress the boys up as the models, I was Howie, Candace was obviously the contestant , and mom was the on stage helper. We acted out the whole thing perfectly and I think Candace is going to put the video on her blog, but I have to say it was absolutely hilarious. You gotta love my family!!!

Home Improvements

Well we have been changing the house around a little bit and decided to re-do the guest room. Of course money IS an object - but its beginning to feel more like home all the time. We added a little to the master too and hope to have the house done completely in a couple months. Todd said I am almost out of things to "need" but trust me there are always more things to "need" :)