Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy New Year and Naomi turns 1!!!!!

We had a fun New Year, Mamaw and Papaw were still here and we played games and watched the ball drop while drinking really gross sparkling cider! It was nice though and don't worry my girls were awake for it! :) Our next celebration was my sweet Naomi's first birthday. She was excited for all the presents and said thank you after each one. I think she was trying to move along to the smores cupcakes. But she dove right in and polished off 2! This kid can eat. As you can see from the pictures she broke our bottom kitchen drawer and our drawer under the oven in 48 hours, she crawls into anything she can. She also had her first Bologna sandwich and Grandad never got it back! She is growing so fast, goes up and down the stairs, says a bunch of words and can count to 5 (for all you skeptics I have it on film :) She loves to eat but the poor thing still only has 4 teeth, she went off the bottle over night and loves to hug and kiss and cuddle. We are so thankful for her and cant wait for this next year!