Monday, June 23, 2008

Slight delay...

I know that Father's Day was not this weekend and I am just now posting because the neighbors we were stealing internet from moved!!! The nerve :) so I am just getting to put something up (since I can only do it at work). As soon as I have a "new" connection I will add some pictures but I just wanted to say my Dad is my hero and I love him. Thank you for all you do and yes I am waiting to put a picture on of you and Todd in your new outfits! Everyone will see what I'm talking about soon. :}

Monday, June 09, 2008

I Love Visitors

The last 2 weeks have been so much fun! We had an old friend from KC come into town to visit. She called one day and said man I could use one of your hugs and I said come on and the next thing I knew she was there! It was so nice seeing her and shopping and just hanging out. She brought 2 of her kids with her (twin 6 year old girls). They were so sweet and so much fun. They loved to hug and took quickly to Mom and Dad and Todd, or should I say Miss Debbie and King! They left and a couple days later I had more family in town. We had Jon's baby blessing, Taryn's baptism, and then just good old family fun! It was so nice seeing everyone and just spending time together. We don't get to do it enough so I'm always excited when the opportunity arises. We all stayed in Logan and played games, played Pickle, flew kites, played pool, and most important...laughed. It was great, I love my family! Oh and the kitty is Brianne's new baby, Roxy. She is adorable but scratches the crap out of everything!

The Bird and The Birthday

We had a little visitor. Todd took the girls (some visitors we had in town in the next post) to the park one morning and as they were walking back they found a humming bird nest that had been knocked over by something. We saw that there was one little bird that survived and was shaking from the wind so they got some tissue and a Tupperware and made a little bed for him. He was cute and we instantly named him :) I mixed up some honey, warm water, and sugar and Todd
and Dad fed him. He was getting strength back so he flew from the bed and on to Dads sweater. It was funny, he curled up and slept on his tummy for a half hour. Dad was holding him at first but he wasn't going anywhere. So after a nap he ate some more and flew away. Dad said we got big props for that one :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!. We love you. It was a fun day, we had a little party, ice cream cake, and opened presents (He got a banjo which I want!). And then we made Jason play a game (which he loved :) but I cant believe that he is not a teenager anymore, one because it shows how old I am, but because I still look at him like the chubby little man that would follow me everywhere. Hope you had a good day J, your are a stud!