Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is almost here....

The holiday season is here and we put on some Christmas jams and did some decorating. As you can see from the picture Todd was very excited to get going! We put up the tree and wrapped some presents and got a very pretty Poinsettia from Blaine's funeral. So it went nicely with our Christmas cards. We seem to get at least one every day and I love the ones with pictures. Also thank you Grandpa Sherratt for our Christmas Olive Garden gift card. Its always nice to use it for a date night every year :) And yes I put lights on the house this year and yes as you can see in the picture they are being held up with scotch tape! I don't really know how to put up lights so it was a first time trial and error. When Todd saw them he smiled and said "tape huh"? So we will see if they stay up through the new year. Anyway Christmas is this week and so I will have more pictures to come. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random Mix

Ok, here are a hodge podge of pictures from the last 3 or 4 weeks. I got some of Todd and Buddy chilling on the couch and some of Todd looking rugged. I made him grow out some facial hair that he hates, but Ill keep it as long as possible :)
Then a couple weeks ago was Brianne's birthday and where else would she want to go but Chuck E Cheese! We had the Conroy's and some of the Harris clan. Elizabeth is in love with Todd so its always cute to see them together. He spent almost the whole time playing games with her. And we all had a good time and spent like $400 dollars in tokens to get Chinese handcuffs, cotton candy, and pop rocks! You gotta love Chuck.

A week or so later Todd's sister and family came to stay with us for a couple days and it was fun having all the kids here. They are so cute and we played games and hung out. We always love having them here.

So that has been our last couple weeks. We did put up all of our Christmas decor and I put lights on the house too. Ill take some pictures of that and put them up this week. We did some secret Santa names off the giving tree in the mall and that is always fun to do. Dad loved shopping for the little girl. Some sad news the family got is Uncle Blaine died from his 16 year battle with Parkinson's this week. The funeral is Saturday but Carol and the rest of the family are doing well. So that has been whats going on the last month or so. I will be better with keeping things up to date. :)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Sorry to everyone for lagging so bad. I usually do all of my postings at work (to pass the time) but Todd and I got laid off on the same day some weeks ago (talk about luck!) and so I haven't had any Internet to post. Thankfully our really nice neighbors let us piggy back their connection so we have it at the house now. I will put some pictures up this week and do some updating. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Happy Birthday Dad! We met a whole bunch of family at Prestwich Farms and had a nice dinner. The waitress was a doll and was keeping up with the family. She brought the rest of the servers in to sing to him so it was pretty funny. Aunt Carol ordered a cake and I picked it up and the restaurant was nice enought to let us bring it in and serve it to everyone. We ate and laughed and hung out. Then went back to the house and opened some presents and watched a movie. It was a nice day and we are celebrating his and Briannes again this Saturday so I will have more pictures then! I think we are going bowling so that should be pretty funny. Anyway, love you Dad :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

I love Halloween and we had a good time handing out candy and did a little work party. We didn't win the gift certificate but it was still fun. Brianne dressed up as a cow and I was Puss in Boots and Todd didn't dress up, he just had to much on his mind! (That was his by the way, you know the whole ax in the head thing :) Todd snapped a picture of me and Bri but I had already changed so we held up the tails and ears :) Brianne's nose made noise and it was driving Buddy crazy. He would jump up and try and get her every time she pushed it. I had Buddy dressed up like a cat but it didn't last very long!
I decorated the front of the house as much as I could and keep warning Todd when we get a house it will look like the spook alley at Target. On Tuesday we had a family pumpkin carving contest and I forgot my camera so all I could get was the finished project but it was fun and the pumpkin turned out pretty good. Its always fun to do and bam I woke up on the first to 24 hour Christmas music. I love this time of year!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Concert Videos

Ok, here are some videos I took at the concert. Mind you they were taken with a camera and so I didn't get a ton of record time and also please ignore the screaming! I tried to not scream when I was recording but sometimes I forgot, they were just sooo good! :) There is one more video thats my favorite and the longest but I'm having a hard time getting it to download so I'll keep trying!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Reba & Kelly....Amazing!!!

We went and saw Reba and Kelly last weekend and it was unreal. They are such amazing singers and I love my girl Reba but Kelly kicked trash. All of us girls were supposed to go half because we wanted to and the other half was for Brianne's birthday. But mom took off on vacation to California so we took dad and had a huge daddy daughter date. It was so much fun and dad and I enjoyed making fun of the girls in front of us who had absolutely no rhythm and kept trying to dance ( and no they weren't drinking just very white) :) Anyway we ate and sang and yelled and had a great time. I got some video shots but I don't know how good they are coming off of my camera recorder. So I will put those on tomorrow. Next month we have Celine again and dad and Todd are going to that one so I should have some good pics of that!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cute Boys and a Piece of Crazy Meat

Ok, so we were at the house a couple weekends ago and I walked in the door and looked over on the couch and that is what I found. Two old farts reading the paper on a Saturday afternoon. It was really cute and they were both very into what they were reading. So I grabbed the camera and snapped a couple. The only thing missing is a quilt and some reading glasses!

Then the other day I made roast for dinner and I looked down to take my last bite and bam, there it was a rabbit on my plate. It looked just like one, so I took a picture just in case I wanted to send it into Leno! (the picture doesn't do it justice)
Lately we have been packing up my parent's house and getting ready for the move to Spanish. Next weekend is our last trip to Logan and last load down here. Dad, Todd, and I have been working hard to get the condo ready to move into so Ill keep you posted and hopefully have time to take more pictures. :)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Fishing Trip

All the girls that were "privileged" to hang our with the guys this weekend!!!
Beautiful views, our cabins were right on the water line.
Everyone stringing up the poles for the first day out on the boats.
Ok, this is Jim (dad) Kenny, Todd, Danny, Jessie, David, and Sean. David is a half brother and Sean is a friend but all the other guys are brothers.
Another picture of just the brothers!
Todd and I before we head out into town.

Ok, I know I am a slacker but things have been busy and I kida forgot about these pictures. We went to the lake in Cedar City 2 weekends ago for the annual Sherratt fishing trip. I can say that the weather was beautiful, the fishing...not so much. I only caught 2 fish, Todd 5. I think it was because we went so late in the year but it was still fun. Maybe more next year! But thanks to everyone who helped plan it this year :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Story time....

Ok we went to Cedar City for our annual fishing trip, it was fun and I will put pictures of that on tomorrow. We ate with his family and were headed back home and got to the Payson exit (which is about 5 minutes from the house). In that part of the freeway there is a hill before you come to the exit so you cant see anything until you are over the hill. The speed limit is 75 which means that people are going about 85 so Todd and I came up over the hill and I noticed that the car in front of us swerved, I looked down and there was the back of a metal horse trailer in the lane. Yes fully intact with the handle and ladder on and everything. I cant remember what I said to him but he swerved to the right to miss hitting the car that swerved in front of us, we didn't make the turn and ran over the trailer door which made us lose total control of the car. To correct he turned the other direction (on 2 wheels) and we hit the gravel on the shoulder which made us lose control again and spun us out. We ended up doing a 180 across 2 lanes of on-coming traffic and landed in the far lane facing on-coming traffic.
Now while we are in the 180 spin it is totally true what they say, it was like slow motion. I looked over at Todd and reached out and grabbed his arm, he looked at me and I kinda felt like I was floating (it could have been the pee in my pants that gave me that buoyant feeling) all you could hear was loud screeching and the smell of burnt tires and brakes was crazy strong! So we come to a complete stop in this lane, the opposite direction of traffic and a huge white F350 truck pulling a trailer is the first car over the hill and about 2 feet from us. I really thought that was it so I put my head back and closed my eyes and was ready for it. They swerve to miss us only by about 2 inches and fly to the side, this gives Todd just enough time to throw it into gear and hit the gas. It was a good thing he did because directly behind the truck coming over the hill was a huge semi truck. It was hauling over the hill and saw us sitting there, he hit his brakes, Todd jerked the wheel as hard as he could and the semi went in between us and the white truck. You could not have fit your hand in-between the front of our car and the semi. Now if that weren't enough we were still facing the wrong way and all of these cars flying over the top were trying to dodge the metal and some were hitting it and flying out of control. We were sitting ducks with no where to go. We dodged 2 more oncoming vehicles and then there was a bang on our window but we couldn't move. I really am not sure why but I couldn't even turn my head. Todd kept asking me if I was ok and I snapped to. The people knocking on the window were from the white truck that almost creamed us, she kept asking if we were ok and Todd told them to move so we could back up and get out of the way. The people said they would go and try to stop traffic so people wouldn't hit the metal or us and Todd told me as soon as there is an opening get out of the car and go to the shoulder (because it was all on my side) I didn't want to leave him in the car alone but I did what he said. He was pinned in the car because we were up against the on-ramp so he couldn't open his door to get out. I jumped out when I had a chance and went to the guard rail. Todd drove backwards trying to dodge more metal and cars. I ran up to try and help the people stop traffic so he could turn around and get out of there. Before I took off to help them I noticed a young Hispanic girl on the other side of the freeway and she looked shaken and her eyes were huge. I ran over to her and she was trying to dial her phone and was shaking. I asked her if she was ok and she kept saying I almost hit you, I almost hit you. She was the car behind us that when we went into our 180 spin she came about an inch from t-boning us into the white truck! I made sure she was ok and then went to stop traffic for Todd. He made the u-turn and got to safety. The woman in the white truck had already called the highway patrol and came running back to us, By this time I was a little sick and shaking. She ran up to me and said I couldn't have your faces be the last thing I saw. She said we looked terrified and she had a pretty good angle only being about 2 feet from us at 80mph. She said if they would have had the trailer loaded there is no way they could have stopped and it would have been them on us and then the semi. The patrolman got there and we told him what happened. He said that was easy a 5 car pile up minimum and he didn't know how no one was killed. He asked if the car was ok and Todd said yes but he went to check it out and crazy as it sounds we didn't have a blown tire or even a flat tire and not a scratch on the car. The trooper just shook his head in disbelief and the woman said again how she didn't want our faces burnt into her brain and was so glad the trailer was empty.
I give good driving points to Todd, if he wouldn't have pulled the car the other way we would have gone into the other side of the freeway with 2 lanes of southbound traffic (there was no guard rail to stop us)! This was hands down the most terrifying moment of my life. I really thought it was our time to go. The trooper said he doesn't know how we are alive. We got home and Todd just came over and hugged me, I don't know for how long, but it was much needed. It was an unreal experience and when we got back into the car I looked at him and said I cant believe I didn't pee my pants, he looked at me and said I was thinking about how we just paid our first life insurance premium :) I am beyond grateful and thankful and any other word you could think of. I'm honestly not sure how we are here right now but we are and I have finally stopped shaking! Oh and Dad, I checked and the only skids are the big black ones we left on the freeway!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Another "Buddy"

Do you remember when my Poo died and Mom said no more animals I cant take it again...well shes taking it again! One of Jason's friends was moving and said that he couldn't take his dog and so J called and asked if he could come over and they could see him and he never left. :) He is such a good puppy, a solid muscle, and very smart. Knows all the commands like to shake, sit, stay, heel, fetch, and he and Todd run together which is so cute. "We" are happy to have a dog in the house again and Jason loves him. Last weekend we took him to the lake and Todd tricked him into the water, he wasn't a fan so he jumped out and rolled all over the sand and dirt. Todd and I got to give him a bath which was very entertaining. That was Todd's first dog bath ever! Wish I had a camera for that. Ill keep more pictures coming, as you can see Dad is attached and Buddy is good for him. They do walks every day and dad rolls on the floor wrestling with him. I haven't seen Dad on his hands and knees chasing a ball in a long time :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy 30th Anniversary!!!!

Well this weekend after the wedding we celebrated Mom and Dads 30th anniversary. It was the 13th but we wanted everyone to be together to celebrate. For those of you that don't know, all of us kids put a book together of old friends and family members. We had everyone write memories or stories and then we put them all together. And a thank you to all of those that helped out. They loved the book and we spent 2 hours reading and laughing at all the stories. It was a success and we would do it again (maybe) :) We love you guys and heres to 30 more!!!

Congrats James...

This is Mike, hes a friend from Ireland and has the coolest accent!
And of course me and Jill.

Dad performing, he asked everyone to not throw their
undies at him until the final song!

The infamous skirt pyramid and the sisters with Grace.

What good looking pairs!

James got married this weekend and so we went to the Joseph Smith building for the reception. It was a nice room and we had a good time with family and friends. Dad sang some Elvis, of course, and was a hit. We had some good grub and then spent the rest of the night talking and laughing. As you can see we got pretty bored by the end and attempted the ever popular reception pyramid! :) James and his new wife were excited and I think even more happy when everything was finally over. Congrats you two. (Oh and yes I found out never to wear a pink tank top under a black shirt for pictures) :) Oh and yes we cut Todd's hair. Its still thick and pretty long but we got it off of his neck. Hes still my GQ!!!