Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Softball is over...Dodgeball is next!

Well, we went undefeated in the playoffs (4-0) so they made us play the same team back to back since we didn't have a loss and it was double elimination. We played great and were up in the last game but the last inning was not kind and we ended up losing. If you ask everyone there cheering they didn't care because half of their body was frozen solid. Lets just say the cocoa was like chocolate milk within about 20 minutes. We had a fun season and got a rad shirt out of it :) We are looking forward to next season and to dodge ball next month, don't worry I will have pictures!

Trip to Cali

We got to take a trip to California last month; Unfortunately it was because of the passing of Grandpa Sherratt, but it was still good to spend time with his family. The funeral was very nice and it was full of great memories of a great man. We had the opportunity to look at old pictures and hear some great stories, he will be missed!