Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Happy Birthday Dad! We met a whole bunch of family at Prestwich Farms and had a nice dinner. The waitress was a doll and was keeping up with the family. She brought the rest of the servers in to sing to him so it was pretty funny. Aunt Carol ordered a cake and I picked it up and the restaurant was nice enought to let us bring it in and serve it to everyone. We ate and laughed and hung out. Then went back to the house and opened some presents and watched a movie. It was a nice day and we are celebrating his and Briannes again this Saturday so I will have more pictures then! I think we are going bowling so that should be pretty funny. Anyway, love you Dad :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

I love Halloween and we had a good time handing out candy and did a little work party. We didn't win the gift certificate but it was still fun. Brianne dressed up as a cow and I was Puss in Boots and Todd didn't dress up, he just had to much on his mind! (That was his by the way, you know the whole ax in the head thing :) Todd snapped a picture of me and Bri but I had already changed so we held up the tails and ears :) Brianne's nose made noise and it was driving Buddy crazy. He would jump up and try and get her every time she pushed it. I had Buddy dressed up like a cat but it didn't last very long!
I decorated the front of the house as much as I could and keep warning Todd when we get a house it will look like the spook alley at Target. On Tuesday we had a family pumpkin carving contest and I forgot my camera so all I could get was the finished project but it was fun and the pumpkin turned out pretty good. Its always fun to do and bam I woke up on the first to 24 hour Christmas music. I love this time of year!