Monday, September 22, 2008

Cute Boys and a Piece of Crazy Meat

Ok, so we were at the house a couple weekends ago and I walked in the door and looked over on the couch and that is what I found. Two old farts reading the paper on a Saturday afternoon. It was really cute and they were both very into what they were reading. So I grabbed the camera and snapped a couple. The only thing missing is a quilt and some reading glasses!

Then the other day I made roast for dinner and I looked down to take my last bite and bam, there it was a rabbit on my plate. It looked just like one, so I took a picture just in case I wanted to send it into Leno! (the picture doesn't do it justice)
Lately we have been packing up my parent's house and getting ready for the move to Spanish. Next weekend is our last trip to Logan and last load down here. Dad, Todd, and I have been working hard to get the condo ready to move into so Ill keep you posted and hopefully have time to take more pictures. :)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Fishing Trip

All the girls that were "privileged" to hang our with the guys this weekend!!!
Beautiful views, our cabins were right on the water line.
Everyone stringing up the poles for the first day out on the boats.
Ok, this is Jim (dad) Kenny, Todd, Danny, Jessie, David, and Sean. David is a half brother and Sean is a friend but all the other guys are brothers.
Another picture of just the brothers!
Todd and I before we head out into town.

Ok, I know I am a slacker but things have been busy and I kida forgot about these pictures. We went to the lake in Cedar City 2 weekends ago for the annual Sherratt fishing trip. I can say that the weather was beautiful, the fishing...not so much. I only caught 2 fish, Todd 5. I think it was because we went so late in the year but it was still fun. Maybe more next year! But thanks to everyone who helped plan it this year :)