Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby Delaney!

Welcome Delaney Ruth! We are so excited she is here and cant wait for cousin camp next year;
Good job Jac :)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas is here...

Well we put up all the Christmas trees and decorations this week. I love decorating for Christmas. We also did a little bit out front but I cant take pictures until the 2 feet of snow in front of the driveway is gone! Anyway the blue, black, and silver tree is the one we have upstairs. I want you to pay close attention to the bow and streamers...Todd and I made that :) It took a little bit but we figured it out and I love how it looks. The gold, red, and green tree is up downstairs and then we have odds and ends all over the house. Its so much fun this time of year!
Ok, the curtains are a new thing we put in the hearth room and kitchen. We got a killer deal and Todd and Dad put them up, they dress up the upstairs really nicely.
That TV is my black Friday deal :) We wanted another TV upstairs and I didn't want to come home empty handed-ish.
The couch is my Christmas present from Santa (Todd). We had been looking for something upstairs and we really liked this one. It looks very pretty and is comfortable so were happy with it.
And finally some pics of my fat! I apologize for the outfit. I will take cuter ones but when I come home from work I'm almost undressed by the time I get out of the car :) I go straight for sweats! But Ill take more so don't think I look homeless all the time :)
Anyway, life is great, the baby is great, and we are excited for the Holiday Season. More pictures to come!