Wednesday, March 26, 2008


We love holidays at our house, we even celebrate stuff you really don't, but it is always fun. At Easter we have a kind of tradition that we have been doing for a long time where the "Easter Bunny" hides the baskets all over the house and you have to search high and low to find it. It has always been fun but the last couple of years we have added a twist. Now the bunny hides about 100 eggs or so, around the house and outside. We all start at one point in the basement and then someone yells go and we take off like crazy people. No one was injured this year but last year we had some blood and torn clothing! The trick is you cant take any eggs until you find your basket. The reason these eggs are w wanted item is that there is a dollar in all of the eggs and then one big money egg for each person. It is so much fun and watching everyone run like jack rabbits is the best. The bunny hid my basket up underneath the air hockey table this year, sly bunny! And also got creative by taping the big eggs to things that you could never see. It took awhile this year but we all found the eggs and baskets and actually 2 eggs from last year! Thank you again to the bunny, it was a lot fun and we have a video, may be coming soon....

Dad and Todd also got new fly poles and were practicing out in the back. It was really cute to watch Dad teach him, and it will be a great escape for them. Between fishing and the new golf hobby the guys should be set for the summer, which leaves the girls more time to shop!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Love March...

Its that time again people, March Madness, so I hope everyone has their bracketts up to date and ready to roll. For those of you that havent been checking scores very 15 minutes, KU kicked trash again and I have to beilieve this is their year... Rock Chalk Baby. Now I do however, live in a divided house. My husband is 100% UCLA (no comment) so this time of the year is really our only time of disagreement which sometimes leads to biting! Good luck to everyone!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Way to go cuz...

The last 2 weeks have been jam packed, some stuff I will leave off the blog because I don't want it in print for all to see :) There have been some good things and some sad things, but our family did have a good piece of news come our way last night. Creed was born weighing 7 15 and was 20 inches long. Jon is so excited and mom and baby are doing well. We are happy for them and congrats on the new addition!
We also got exciting news on Todd's side of the family. Tammi (Todd's sister) found out she is pregnant with number 5. We are happy for her, especially since she has such cute kids! :) Congrats Tam, cant wait to have you visit again!