Thursday, April 04, 2013

Pictures I finally got off of my phone....

My phone broke so I had to get all of the pictures off and there were soooo many but I picked a couple to throw on here, The video is from a scouting dinner (Im on the committee) and Dad sang at it, Layla had no fear and ran up after him singing and dancing. I wish I would have gotten more, she was really good but everyone clapped and clapped and she took a bow. I think I have my hands full :)

Happy Easter!

We had a really nice Easter with a ton of food (which we are still eating) Saturday the city put on a huge Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids, each egg had a coupon or candy and some of them had prizes. Layla won a really cute basket. Sunday we did church and then came home and found our baskets, the Conroys came down for dinner and then we did another egg hunt for the kids. It was a nice day and as you can see in the last picture Layla was planting "magic  Easter beans" (jelly beans) because they will grow chocolate :)