Monday, April 28, 2008

Ill get better at this... :)

Ok I know it has been a month since I posted last and I'm sorry. Things have been crazy and I totally lost all track of time but I will do better (Jon said I had too) Its funny how at times we take relationships for granted. We just got back from my Granny's funeral in Oklahoma last week. I haven't had many losses in my almost 29 years of life, but in the last year or so I have lost my Grandma, a couple months ago my Uncle Donald, and then last week my Granny. It was a beautiful service and she looked so good. My Dad did an excellent job speaking and singing as well as my Mom and Uncle Gary. It was a nice time to reflect on her life and what an amazing woman she was. I know that she is up there dancing and singing. We love her and the spirit that she left in us all. Here are some pictures of everyone at the resort we stayed at in Oklahoma. It was such an awesome setting and we owe it all to Darin (he was mad he wasn't getting any props) But it was nice to be together and spend some time with each other even under these circumstances. I know Granny would have wanted us laughing and making memories.

In an unrelated note the Jayhawks are hands down the most amazing team I have ever seen and I was sooo happy they won the National Championship! It was the best game I have ever seen, I was sweating bullets and screaming but I had the faith! Rock Chalk baby!