Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Easter and stuff

We had a great Easter, it was a beautiful day and we played games and Layla loved what the Easter Bunny brought her. We played outside and ate way too much! Other than that the girls are getting bigger all the time, I cant believe Naomi is 3 months old already!!! Layla got her first black eye running and diving face first on the bed, she cried for about ten seconds and then went for it again...that's my girl :) Layla also got her first pair of cowboy boots and its a struggle to get her to take them off. Next week is Naomi's blessing so we will post more pics then...

Sunday, April 08, 2012

My Beautiful Girls!!!

We went and had Layla's 2 year pictures done and so I snapped a couple before we left. She was so cute and the woman was not good. She was talking to Layla like a baby, she would put a bear on her head and say "wheres the bear?" in baby talk and Layla would look at her and say "its on your head", so she tried to tickle her with a feather duster and Layla said "no that's for tables." It was really little 20 year old! Naomi hit 2 months and is smiling and cooing all the time. We had out doc appointments and they are healthy and Layla is still in the 99% for height and Naomi just hit the 98% so I'm glad they can share clothes :) But everyone is healthy and happy!!!