Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

We had a great Christmas this year and Layla was so excited for Santa! We played games and ate Christmas Eve and then did our traditional present openings. Both kids loved tearing open theirs and any other present they could get their hands on. That night we finally got Layla to sleep around two, too much sugar and excitement. The next morning we had church at 9 and jumped up to put our Christmas dress on and then came home to see Santa. Layla and I woke up to some very pretty flowers that Santa had left for us and she couldn't wait to get downstairs. Santa brought her a new kitchen with all the trimmings. She was so excited. She made cookies and then got down on her tummy to lick the beaters :) Santa brought me all new down bedding, pillows, comforter, and some really pretty glass oils and soaps for the bathroom. (In anticipation of being in bed for a week or so I think) Very thoughtful Santa! We changed and went to Mom and Dads for everyone else Santa. Todd got a new BBQ Grill that does propane and charcoal which will be great come Spring. Layla got a tent from Gammy and Grandad and loves it and as you can see everyone took a nap before dinner! It was a great Christmas and we cant wait til next year...Layla already asked me how many more Sunday's til Ho Ho comes :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Daddy/Daughter Fun and Gingerbread Houses

We had a fun week. Todd took Layla to ride some stuff at the mall (cars, carrousel, bus), see Santa, but he was too big so we gave him a high five and got our coloring book. And to ride the big train which she has been waiting forever for! She had a great time and said "thank you Daddy" when our afternoon was done :) The next day Wes came into town and we had a Gingerbread House contest. It was fun and really messy. I put up a picture of the winning house...oh yeah its ours :) Layla ate almost all of our candy but it is a good Christmas tradition...one more week!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Almost Christmas...

Getting ready for Christmas has been so fun; We went to the light parade and watched Santa come in. Layla loved all the lights and we were totally freezing! But it was worth it. We put up the trees and Layla had about 30 ornaments in a 6 inch circle but she sang the whole time. And of course what would a day be like without a little dancing on the Wii :) Were excited for the big day and were trying to get her to see Santa this week...fingers crossed!