Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy MothersBirthBreastVersaryDay

What a great weekend we had. We went to Salt Lake on Saturday and walked for breast cancer (those pictures to come). We walked for one of our long time friends Meredith and her family and for all the others in our families. Our next walk is the Diabetes walk in August so anyone that wants to come, come on! Then we went and Todd climbed the rock wall for his birthday. Which he has never done but wanted too. Mom and Todd share the same birthday so we celebrate them together along with Mothers Day and breasts every year. If that isn't enough going on our Anniversary falls in between everything. Yes two years has come and gone. It has been great. We decided to get a new TV (pictured below). It is nice to have and is really great for ESPN! And then I woke up to flowers. :) Were going this weekend to get massages and go out to dinner, so all in all its been an awesome week! So in no particular order - to Mom, I love you. You are amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better roll model. Hope your birthday and mothers day were awesome. To Todd, I love you. You are a sexy beast and I couldn't imagine having anyone else in my life, here's to 60 more years :) I hope everyone else had a great day!